A Woman of Talent 

More than Just an Actress

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 Original Star Trek TV series  

I'm Kara in Wolf in the Fold

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 Elvis Presley Show 

"68 Comeback Special "

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 My First Book 

"Have Belly Will Travel "

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TELEVISION L. A. Law C 20th Century Fox Capitol C A Soap Opera. Star Trek C Paramount (The Original Series)…


Location Manager / Production Manager Running Red Land Of The Free Hush-A-By (Scout Only) Jeans (Scout Only) Searching For Delilah…

Collection of videos from short film clips, interviews and appearances for you to watch right here for free. You may…


Collection of photos from my past movies and personal appearances. Many of these photos are available for purchase  in our…



Plucked from her ballet class at the age of 16, Tanya gets her first job at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.
Tanya Lemani, an Iranian born Russian who moved to the US and began a dancing career in Las Vegas that led her eventually to Hollywood, played the Argelius belly dancer Kara in famous Star Trek in 1960.


Currently working as an Author and Screenwriter. I have been hired to adapt published books and biographies into screenplays. I have also written screenplays from my original stories. Looking to submit my works to Film and TV Production Companies.


Worked as a professional actress and dancer with guest star appearances on TV shows and Movies such as in Elvis Presley 68 Comeback Special, Bob Hope Show and many more.

Memories from my Movies

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